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Our story.

The Stephen L. Ross Scholarship Fund was established in 1964 after a tragic automobile accident took the life of Lewis & Gerry Ross’ son Steve. He had just graduated from high school a few months earlier and he was 11 days shy of his 18th birthday. To say that the community of Chebeague was devastated would be an understatement. Steve left behind his mother & father, a younger sister Beth, a younger brother, Doug, and an island filled with extended family and friends. 

In an effort to help bring something good out of something so shattering, a group of close friends and community members, led by Diane Calder, Mabel Doughty, & Kenneth Hamilton, got together and established a scholarship fund to pay tribute to Steve and to help heal a heartbroken community.

 Today we continue this fund to help island students find their way to a post-secondary education, something that Steve never had the chance to do. It is our goal to lessen the financial burden of those seeking a higher education. 

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Sarah McKinnon Koerber, Jennifer Belesca, Courtney Doughty, Caitlin Gerber, Sharon Bowman, Polly Wentworth, Jon Rich


born august 21, 1946

About Steve

Stephen Lewis Ross was born on August 21, 1946 to Lewis & Gerry Ross. He grew up on Chebeague Island surrounded by a loving family, a caring community, and the sea. He loved to laugh, tease, & play practical jokes. He loved being outside and building tree houses high up in the pine trees so his little sister Beth & her friend Sharon couldn’t reach them. He loved family picnics and adored his baby brother Doug. He was a kid of the 50’s always wearing jeans and a white tee shirt. He was a hard worker and always had a summer job. He was proud to be part of the volunteer fire department and always kept his badge in his wallet. He disliked going to church as most teens do, but always went none the less. He loved his mother’s cooking, especially her biscuits, lemon meringue pie, and her homemade sweet iced tea. He learned to drive a tractor when he was 13 and loved cars. He also bought his own boat, motor, and lobster traps. Steve loved to be on the ocean and loved that this island, Chebeague, was his home.




The Fund supports student residents of Chebeague Island graduating from an accredited high school or enrolled in their first year of post-secondary education or training. 

The Kenneth Hamilton Education Award supports students who are specifically entering the field of education and can be awarded during the 3rd and 4th year of post-secondary education.





Michael Hamilton ~SUMTI
Donna Miller ~University of Maine
Evelyn Kuntz ~Westbrook College
David Miller ~SMUTI
Cliff Habig ~University of Maine
Vicki Hamilton ~Westbrook College
Andrew Todd ~Casco Bay College
Milton Calder ~SMUTI
BJ Abrahamson ~University of Maine
Kim Rich ~Southeastern Massachusetts University
Robert Weagle ~SMTC
Dirk Abrahamson ~SMUTI
Jason Hamilton ~University of Southern Maine
Emery Doughty ~NMUTI
Karen Dyer ~Franklin Pierce
Robert Lewis ~University of Maine
Timothy LeSiege ~University of Maine
Chris LeSiege ~ University of Maine
Sally Brewer ~SMUTI
Rob Parker ~NMUTI
Beth LeSiege ~Newbury College
Kevin Calder ~Husson College
Jennifer Smith ~Eastern Kentucky University
Debbie Jones ~University of Maine
Christopher Brown ~Northeastern University
Adam Heroux ~Ithaca College
Anne Porter ~Yale University
Pamela Brewer ~University of Maine
Ashley Sidor ~University of Rhode Island
Rebecca Jones ~Grossmont College
Lynne Parker ~Temple University
Jennifer Vintinner ~Johnson & Wales
Meredith Lestan ~ SMTC
Amy Sidor ~University of Rhode Island
Rebecca Towle ~SMTC
Christopher Towle ~Maine Maritime Academy
Flora Brown ~Brown University
Rob McCollom ~Maine Maritime Academy
Ryan Ross ~Stonehill College
Brooke Pettit ~University of Massachusetts
Rachel Damon~ Colby College
Lauren Miller ~University of Maine
Bradley Putnam ~Harvard University
Bradley Martin ~University of Maine
Viktoria Johnson ~Ferrrum College
Thomas Damon ~University of Maine
Cooper Bowman ~New England College
Tyler Putnam ~Dartmouth College
Jonathan Miller ~Full Sail Real World Education
Christopher Martin ~St. Joseph’s College
Zachary Doughty ~University of Southern Maine
Denis Johnson ~ Springfield College
Lida Monroe ~ SMCC
John Summa ~ Hamilton College
Danielle Rich ~ Andover College
Darya Johnson ~ SMCC
Arianna Stefanilo ~ SMCC
Anna Maine ~ Brown University
Nate Martin ~ St. Josephs
Joshua Doughty ~ Berklee School of Music
Amanda Campbell ~ SMCC
Megan Munroe ~ SMCC
Julia Maine ~ Bowdoin College
Caroline Summa ~ Oberlin College
Chloe Dyer ~ Case Western Reserve University
Tracy Calder ~ SMCC
Cassidy Jeffers ~Endicott College
Benjamin Hillicoss ~ SMCC
Genivieve Dyer ~ Wheelock
Jade Morlock ~ SMCC
Lily Englund ~ Roger Williams
Dylan Doughty ~ University of Maine
Abigial Israel ~ Dickinson College
Althea Englund ~ Flagler College

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
— Benjamin Franklin

keep the legacy alive

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